New Features in AutoCAD 2020 – A Brief Overview

AutoCAD has released the new 2020 version recently. As in all versions, this also comes with some exciting new features! It also builds upon some of the existing features. Let us investigate further below.

There are four new major features in AutoCAD 2020. These are the following: Quick Measurement, Better DWG compare, Blocks palette and Better cloud workflow.

1. Quick Measurement Tool: The measure tool has been invaluable with any CAD user. For AutoCAD, this tool came fairly cumbersome before – you had to activate the tool with proper subselection, then click from point to point.

That remains the same, but now the default measurement tool is the new ‘Quick Measure’ which tells you the dimension of the nearest measurement to the cursor. It tracks distances along line segments, angles, distances between parallel lines and similar stuff. Very handy, as measure tools go! It is also the default tool for the MEASURE command now.

2. Improved DWG Comparisons: This tool was introduced last year to let users be aware of the exact changes made on local copies of the same drawing. It encircled and color coded each change as the user did them. This revisioning helps a ton in collaborating effects.

Now, the tool is even better and sharper! Now, you no need to make a new third drawing. All you have to do is to open any one of the drawing and point to the other drawing, and the current drawing will be updated with the color coded revision clouds. You can then either choose to save the changes or discard them. A handy new compare dwg toolbar will be visible while you do this.

3. Blocks Palette: Previously, the blocks workflow in AutoCAD was a bit complicated. You used to work with the insert dialog, the tool palette, and the design center. Previously, you had to browse for either an existing block from another file, or use the ready-made ones. And the design center was a place to kinda ‘steal’ blocks from other drawings.

New Features in AutoCAD 2020 - A Brief Overview

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