Newest Trezi 1.8, a VR product compatible with Revit & Sketchup

Trezi 1.8 is the newest version of Virtual Reality (VR) product for the building industry. It offers an improved virtual collaboration system that is well suited with leading architecture design software like Sketchup, Rhino, and Autodesk’s Revit.

Trezi significantly changes design communication, and collaboration in the building industry by facilitating the stakeholders to meet the project’s design at full-scale.

Architects and interior designers employ Trezi to convert their current 3D design models into a completely immersive VR environment. It has minimized errors and omissions and nominal material wastage in prototyping and on-site experimentation reduces the requirement for laborious personal meetings and site visits, Trezi puts a new dimension to the understanding, communication and translation of design in the industry.

Trezi 1.8 keeps the fully immersive virtual experience a few steps higher with its new collaboration feature that facilitates the architects/designers to fulfill and involve colleagues and collaborators in the virtual world.

Regardless of their geographical location, architects and interior designers can walk around a true-to-scale rendition of their building or interior design and create edits in real-time, if necessary.

Trezi 1.8 also offers an exterior rendering mode that considerably enhances the rendering quality of exterior scenes as well as photo-realistic shadows, multi-source illumination, and minimal culling of objects from the scene.

With greater support for remote collaboration and audio add-ons in the pipeline, Trezi 1.8 sets out to radically enhance and raise the bar for design-based collaboration in the industry.

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Newest Trezi 1.8, a VR product compatible with Revit & Sketchup

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