Some exciting features of new Block Palette in AutoCAD 2020

In this exclusive autocad video tutorial, Lynn Allen provides some vital information on new block palette in AutoCAD 2020.

The new Blocks palette simplifies the process to insert blocks into your drawings along with visual galleries as well as filter for the perfect block required. Now, the users don’t have search through puzzling block names in a long drop-down list.

The Blocks palette maintains a list of the blocks which are utilized in recent times. Therefore, you don’t need to recall what drawings they were situated.

The Insert dialog box is completely revamped with visual thumbnails for getting a superior preview of existing blocks to insert. The palette contains three tabs: Current Drawing, Recent, and Other Drawing.

The Current Drawing tab demonstrates all the block definitions in the existing drawing either as icons or as a list.

The Recent tab demonstrates the blocks which were inserted in recent times either as icons or a list, irrespective of the existing drawing. These stay among drawings and sessions. (A block can be removed from this tab by right-clicking the block and selecting Remove from Recent List.)

The Other Drawing tab offers a way of navigating to folders from which the drawings can be selected either to insert as blocks or to select from the blocks specified in those drawings. These drawings and blocks also stay among drawings and sessions.

The top of the palette contains various controls along with a field for providing wildcard filters to the block names, and various options for different thumbnail sizes and list styles.

For online demonstration of this exclusive tools, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Cadalyst Videos

Some exciting features of new Block Palette in AutoCAD 2020

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