Perform Real-Time BIM Collaboration on Any Device with Unity Reflect

Unity Technologies (, world’s leading developer of the real-time 3D development platform, recently launched Unity Reflect. This newest product will facilitate the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals to unlatch the value of BIM data by providing it directly under the possession of any user and on any device to study design options, resolve complicated engineering issues, and speed up construction projects through real-time immersive experiences.

Unity Reflect produces real-time data visualization and data collaboration through a Revit plug-in that exports BIM and CAD data with a simple mouse click. With Unity Reflect, design modifications done in Revit will automatically synchronized across any apparatus in real-time from mobile to desktop to virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR). Unity Reflect empowers the professionals associated with AEC industry to observe everything in context and instantly create modifications, which will enhance collaboration and minimize costly errors.

Unity’s real-time 3D technology offers value at each phase of the design, build and operate lifecycle for buildings and infrastructure.

Generate folded elements of any shape more fast. Avail and transmit fabrication data and properties.

Unity Reflect can generate an interactive 3D experience live-linked to the original design application so that the project stakeholders will get the ability to collaborate perfectly and make design reiterations rapidly.

When modifications are done in Revit, like relocating a door, adding windows or altering materials, it will be automatically demonstrated in Unity Reflect in real-time. Unity Reflect will also allow entry of interactive 3D experiences across 25+ platforms from any remote locations – collaborators should not be in the same room – or on the similar device – to provide real-time modifications.

With this integration with Revit, the dead time is curtailed among revisions and meetings.

The integration of Revit is part of a broader collaboration between Unity and Autodesk to ensure full data interoperability between many Autodesk products and Unity. Through this collaboration, Unity and Autodesk are empowering AEC professionals to spend less time translating data and figuring out how to make tools work together and make smarter design decisions.

To get more details, click on the following link

Perform Real-Time BIM Collaboration on Any Device with Unity Reflect

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