How to create façade lighting design with LIGHTS add-in for Revit

LIGHTS stands for a lighting design application that covers more than 70 families of lighting fixtures along with photometric web files, precise technical data, and real-life functionalities.

The LIGHTS plugin for Revit comprises of different types of lighting fixtures for various applications like industrial lights to bollard lighting fixtures for both interior and exterior. It allows its users to produce lighting design efficiently, quick and hassle-free whereas working inside the Autodesk Revit.

This plug-in allows the users to drag and drop selected lighting fixtures directly to the model and smoothly amends specifications like color temperature, beam angle or cashing color.

Step 1: Download the LIGHTS add-in for Revit.

Step 2: Explore through for choosing the right lighting fixtures for your design. The search can be done by typing or prioritizing the categories. Select the lighting fixture and press the “Use in Revit” button.

Step 3: The color, color temperature and cashing color are selected either before or after settling the lighting fixture.

Step 4: Set the lighting fixture in the architectural model.

Step 5: If required, the angles of the lights can be modified. However, the angles are limited to equal reality.

Step 6: Once the design is finished for the rooftop lighting, go to lower levels. Select a lighting fixture and press “Use in Revit” button.

Step 7: Set the lighting fixtures in the architectural model.

Step 8: Render your design.

To get more clear ideas, go through the following video tutorial.

Click on the following link to download the lights add-in for Revit

How to create façade lighting design with LIGHTS add-in for Revit

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