Autodesk launched Revit 2019.2 with some improved features

Autodesk has launched new updated version of Revit i.e. Revit 2019.2 and comprises of new connection features for BIM 360 Design platform along with various sets of design-side features for all disciplines.

The direction with Revit facilitates to include more people as possible to take part in the BIM process for superior workflows.

With worksharing several participants can co-author Revit models in the cloud with BIM 360 Design but in version 2019.2 cloud Models for Revit, facilitates the individuals—in non-Worksharing mode—to preserve their data in BIM 360 as well. It will provide huge benefits to both Revit and Revit LT subscribers.

The process becomes faster to distribute your BIM models with others since the BIM 360 platform upgrades the models for the cloud, fundamentally simplifying them for web-based delivery and remoteness. Shared participants can then avail the BIM model data in BIM 360 with BIM 360 Docs viewer, as for instance, to view and markup Revit models from any gadget.

Other “Connect” new benefits comprise of a cloud-based way to update older projects to the most updated version of Revit, better connections among civil engineers and architects, and new design-to-fabrication method for concrete structures with new CAM export features.

Create: In the area of Create, Revit 2019.2 now facilitates the users to zoom into schedules. Now, familiar keyboard shortcuts can be applied to perform so as well. The “too small on screen” blocking error is eliminated so that the objects can be moved very small distances. Revit 2019.2 will now also apply greater resolution texture on objects while using out-of-the-box textures.

For MEP Fabrication users, Revit 2019.2 offers enhancements to work with branched connections and auto-updating connection components. It is now also possible to directly edit the top and bottom elevation properties of cable tray, duct, and conduit elements, among other similar enhancements in the area of MEP.

For online demonstration, go through the following video tutorial.

To get more detail information, click on the following link

Autodesk launched Revit 2019.2 with some improved features

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