How to transform PDF underlays to AutoCAD Objects

Lynn Allen, Cadalyst contributing editor and Autodesk Technical Evangelist , presents a useful video for AutoCAD professionals. In this video tutorial, Allen provides some useful cad tips to transform PDF files (underlay) to AutoCAD objects.

So, the AutoCAD users can get rid of time consuming tracing on top of PDFs to reproduce objects or draw it from the beginning.

How to import a specific area from a PDF Underlay

1. Choose the PDF underlay.
2. From the PDF Underlay contextual tab, click Import as Objects.
3. At the prompt, click two diagonal points which a rectangular crossing area, or select from one of the other options.

A crossing area is equivalent to a crossing selection. The settings option demonstrates a dialog box in which you can specify the types of objects to import, customization of layers, either the imported objects should be imported as a block, and various other options.

4. Decide whether you desire to retain, separate, or unload the attached PDF once the selected objects are imported.

The specific area of the attached PDF is imported into the drawing as AutoCAD objects.

For more details, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: cadalystvideos

How to transform PDF underlays to AutoCAD Objects

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