Solidworks 2019 – A handy tool for designers

The solidworks 2019 facilitates the designers to accelerate their design time.

Given below, some handy features of this newest version :-

It offers some useful tools to deal with mesh geometry and make productivity faster in assemblies.

There is a slicing tool in solidworks 2019 to produce 2d sections at the intersection of the selected geometry and a series of planes to determine the number of slicing planes and the offset. Solidworks generates the planes and intersection skethes and simply arrange them in a folder.

When required, these sketches are edited dynamically for perfect placement and applied like any other sketch to produce geometry or referenced to illustrate the lofts and services necessary to develop a solid model.

There is a new 3D texture tool that renders an image to specify a pattern of bumps. Here lots of variations are produced with this new tool.

To get more details about the new features, go through the following link.

Solidworks 2019 – A handy tool for designers

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Arka Roy


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