Benefits of 7D (Operations and Facilities Management) BIM

It is found that more than 90% of total building lifecycle costs are associated with facility maintenance and operations. The application of BIM in facility management is gaining popularity among real estate and facilitate managers.

BIM 7D provides the following benefits :-

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling: BIM is applied to organize and monitor maintenance activities effectively and properly with the use of the information concerning the building structure and equipment employed in the facility.

This type of protective maintenance works can enhance the performance of the building, minimize remedial maintenance and emergency maintenance repairs and raise the productivity of maintenance staff.

Sustainability Analysis: BIM is combined with other analysis & evaluation tools to monitor the performance of the building that is relative to particular sustainable standards to recognize the faults in the building systems. Facility’s sustainability program should be enhanced to match the sustainability goals in an efficient manner.

Asset Management: Assets of a building comprises of the physical building, its systems, equipment and surrounding environment. Asset management is effective in short-term as well as for long-standing planning for preserving the building assets properly.

The bi-directional Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration into asset management software facilitates superior visualization of assets and helps in the maintenance and operation of a facility.

Space Utilization Management: Facility professionals and department liaisons can employ BIM to control, monitor and allocate proper spaces and pertinent resources inside a facility effectively. BIM space management application is useful for planning renovation projects and future requirements, distributing space for utilizing each corner of the building perfectly and monitoring the effect of intended changes.

Disaster & Emergency Planning: BIM offers vital information of the building to enhance the effectiveness of disaster response plans and reduce any risk. BIM is combined with building automation system (BAS) to demonstrate where the emergency is situated inside a building, to discover feasible routes to the affected area and to determine other hazardous areas within the building throughout such emergencies.

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Benefits of 7D (Operations and Facilities Management) BIM

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