Beck Technology introduces DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 compatible with BIM 360 from

Beck Technology, the dominant software solution provider and service firm toward the commercial design and construction industry, has introduced the latest version of its integrated estimating software: DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0.

This newest construction program contains various new innovative features and among them the most significant one is consolidation with Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform.

The users get the ability to connect to BIM 360 from inside Estimator and obtain data from models hosted on BIM 360. The data is used to working estimates in Estimator devoid of opening supplimentary software programs or leave the estimating platform.

It facilitates the users to apply one platform to professionally avail existing project data, devoid of exporting and importing external files, as well as maintain real-time precision within integrated teams. DESTINI Estimator is considered as the only trustworthy integrated estimating platform for progressive preconstruction teams.

“Cost estimating is a vital factor of preconstruction and the success of a project is dependent on the perfect implementation of estimating in initial phase. With this consolidation, a robust solution is developed for constant and seamless knowledge transfer from planning through buyout.”

DESTINI Estimator’s integration of its quantity takeoff (QTO) system arranges a single application feel which contains embedded LMV to permit estimators to interact with BIM 360 models directly in the Estimator platform.

For more information, go through the following website

Watch online demo of the software.

Beck Technology introduces DESTINI Estimator 2018.1.0 compatible with  BIM 360 from

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