Top five software to vectorize images efficiently

Vector images are formed with cursor-based draw operations which involve shapes like circles, rectangles, lines and curves (or freeform). These are formed by shifting the cursor or drawing a line and curve to a point with some control, then stroking or filling them for producing artwork.

However, in some cases, it is required to transform a specific image into a vector image, and here lies the importance of best software to vectorize images.

A bitmap image already contains a grid of pixels and color values, but it is possible to draw the similar image with various shapes and sequences of stroking and filling.

Given below, the detailed lists of the best software to vectorize images :-

Vextractor: This software is used to transform raster images like drawings or maps, and others like photo logos and illustrations to vector format.

The software saves the converted images to DXF, WMF, EMF, EPS, AI or SVG vector formats and these are imported to the most recognized vector graphics apps like Corel Draw, AutoCAD and Illustrator, among others.

Some of the features and tools comprise of scaling, scrolling, color selection, TWAIN support for importing images, automatic identification of lines and arcs or circles, transfer of color and black-and-white images for recognition, an in-built vector editor for editing vectorization results, Bezier splines for generating curves, and much more.

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Inkscape: It is a free and open source vector graphics editor tool and contains features like photo or image and text editing tools, and compatibility with most graphic formats for instance SVG, PNG, WMF, PDF, among lots others.

It also highlights Bezier and Spiro curves, a robust text tool, and extensive file format compatibility.

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WinTopo: It is a superior quality software for transforming image files in various formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or TIF, and scanned images to handy vector image files appropriate for CAD, GIS and CNC application.

It is available in two versions like Freeware, and Pro. Each of these versions includes one-touch vectorization, arc recognition, polyline smoothing and reduction, preview on options windows, automatic scaling, and numerous vector save formats. The pro version comprises of more advanced features like georeferencing, batch processing, negative and brightness options, fill holes, despeckle, and prune, among others.

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Vector Magic: It is one of the most recognized vectorizer software and it is applied to transform bitmaps to vectors rapidly, and prepare your artwork printable, or embroider, cutting and more processes.

This tool facilitates you to automatically transform images to perfect SVG, EPS and PDF vectors online by uploading them, devoid of installing software.

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Vectorizer: It transforms raster images like PNG, BMP and JPEG to scalable vector graphics or SVG. To vectorize raster images, it is required to switch pixel color information to simple geometric objects.

Vector graphics are not dependent on pixels but on points, lines, and curves, which are called as primitives, demonstrated with mathematical expressions.

Vectorizer transforms these raster images retaining the quality graphics keeping them easily scalable and rotatable.

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Top five software to vectorize images efficiently

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