IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1 is just launched for BIM professionals

The leading software developer IMAGINiT Technologies launched IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1. Clarity facilitates the building project teams to employ Autodesk Revit software model data in new and intelligent ways so that building information modeling (BIM) teams can achieve superior control on the models and save huge time and effort.

With superior access to important metrics facilitates our customers to recognize issues related to any of their models across all active projects. This, together with clarity’s current and new task automation features, empowers BIM teams to get the complete view of their model health for more consistent results.

Key New Features

With IMAGINiT Clarity, the teams get the ability to take superior decisions with deeper understandings of the projects containing superior analytics, multiple model views and graphical dashboards. Given below, some exclusive features of the software :-

• Extended BIM Analytics and a new graphical dashboard facilitates BIM coordinators to look at prime metrics over projects and arrange company-wide standards for a sound understanding of model data. These analytics also facilitate BIM teams to control modeling issues in a superior manner which range the number of Revit Warnings, file size, and 50 other metrics to determine model health over time.

• Superior Collaboration for Revit Integration provides the capacity to computerize the tasks like importing updated models from project partners. The process can also be automated to back-up data from the Cloud to A360 and drive it to other software programs like ProjectWise.

• Additional Task Management Features makes it possible to export data to Microsoft Excel, and filter tasks through server so that BIM coordinators can handle the workload on their hardware whereas processing numerous jobs.

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IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1 is just launched for BIM professionals

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