Create stairs by component in Revit Architecture 2018

In this revit video tutorial, one can learn how to use Revit Architecture 2018 to generate stair through by components and by sketch. Also learn how to rectify stair, insert railing, use materials.

To start with go to Architecture tab and then circulation panel and click on stair. Now click on create sketch icon if you want to create stair by sketch or click on component icon it you want to create stair by component.

• About Stair by Component: To produce a component-based stair, choose a stair assembly edit mode to insert common and custom sketched components.

• Stair Run Components: While forming stairs, produce a common run component in a plan or 3D view.

• Generate a Landing Component by choosing Two Runs: Make a landing among 2 runs in a stair assembly.

• Generate a Support Component: Apply the Support tool to include a side support to a component-based stair.

• Generating Stair Components by Sketching: While making a stair assembly, produce a custom run or a landing component by sketching the shape.

• Adjusting Stair Components: While making a stair by components, it is possible to adjust the individual components of the stair, along with the runs, landings, and supports. It is also possible to modify the whole stair, like rectifying the stair type or the location.

• Stair Documentation: One can adjust the demonstration of a component-based stair, along with the symbolic representation, annotation, and graphic display.

• Stair by Component Properties: It is possible to alter type properties and instance properties for the stair components formed with the Stair by Component tools.

Watch the following revit video tutorial, to get more details.

Create stairs by component in Revit Architecture 2018

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