New Railing Feature And Other Crucial Features In Revit 2018

This revit video is created on the new improved railing feature in Revit 2018. The revit users can now include railings to a whole multistory stair tower and topography with a simple mouse click. Besides, railings can be grouped with their host stairs as per their level heights. The users can flip the run line by component in stair.

Some other crucial features are :-

3D Hook for Rebar , this tool can flip your hook around the axis of Rebar and is very useful for create Reinforcement Detailing.

Tag with Thumbnail View originates from the perspective view in the family. By applying crop thumbnail, the users can produce only one region for every tag.

With the addition of magic tools in Revit 2018, it becomes easier for generating the wall layer in edit assembly dialogue. Now, it is possible to generate group out of your preferred layer for each wall and then edit and control this groups and attach them to another walls.

To be familiar with more new features, click on the following link.

New railing feature and other crucial features in Revit 2018

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Arka Roy


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