Tips To Fine-Tune Particular Components Of A Render Image With V-Ray For Revit

The Chaos Group presents an exclusive video tutorial that is created with V-ray for Revit. The tutorial demonstrates how to modify any particular components concerning a rendered image for managing the final quality of your output in an efficient manner.

With V-Ray for Revit, the designers get the ability to render professional, high resolution images maintaining realistic lights, materials, and cameras. V-Ray for Revit is developed to deal with the largest building models.

V-Ray for Revit’s render presets facilitate the designers to equalize quality and speed instantly. One can use draft mode for finding the duplication initially and divert to superior quality for presentations.

Render interactively when you create design. Modify lights and materials and get the results instantly.

There are useful options for IES and HDR image-based lighting together with support for Revit Sun and Sky.

Automatically transform Revit materials to V-Ray’s physically-correct format. Adjust material properties with the help of the V-Ray Material Editor.

Render sections easily with full support for Revit’s native section boxes.

Tips to fine-tune particular components of a render image with V-ray for Revit

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