Brief Overview Of Autodesk Project Fractal To Create Numerous Designs

Autodesk Labs develops project fractal. These toolset will facilitate the project team members to create a series of designs and analyze them for various criteria in a comparatively limited period of time.

Guidelines for starting:

1. In order to produce your own Fractal content, install the most updated version of Dynamo Studio 2017 ( One can also apply the free Student Version of Dynamo Studio ( Otherwise, go to step 2 and then utilize the sample files at (

2. In order to login to Project Fractal (, use the AutodeskID that is required to whitelist (this will not work but put you on the whitelist request list).

3. Contact the Project Fractal team ( with the email address related to your Autodesk ID so that the address can be whitelisted to get access to Project Fractal.

4. Evaluate guidelines given below on what Dynamo nodes function with Project Fractal.

5. Publish a Workspace from Dynamo Studio to Project Fractal. File menu>Send to Web.

6. Obtain a list of Dynamo workspaces published to your Autodesk ID directly through Project Fractal.

7. As soon as a workspace is chosen and opened in Project Fractal, it is possible to create options, save custom options, and/or categorize and filter all of the options in your Dynamo workspace.

For more information visit,

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