Learn The Basics Of Dynamo & Installation Process For Revit

The Revit tutorial is specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of Dynamo as well as how to download and set up the software to produce your initial graph.

Dynamo stands for an open-source visual programming tool that can simplify the process for developing your own tools in Revit. Dynamo can be used to generate complicated geometry, automate monotonous tasks, and visualize any Revit model all from a user-friendly interface.

Dynamo now fully compatible with Revit 2017 and does not need an extra download.

How to set up Dynamo for Revit 2017: Once Revit 2017 is installed, the users can’t find Dynamo in manage tab instantly. Initially, the users have to run the Dynamo installer again and ensure to verify Revit 2017 to include Dynamo to this new install. Choose the components for installation; remove the components which should not be installed. Click next when everything is ready to process further.

The following video tutorial will help you to install Dynamo for Revit 2017.


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