AutoCAD 2018 Beginning And Intermediate – An Exclusive E-Book By Munir Hamad

Munir Hamad, the renowned civil engineer, has written an exclusive e-book alias AutoCAD 2018 Beginning and Intermediate.

This book will provide useful guidance to perform 2D drafting efficiently in AutoCAD 2018. By going through this autoCAD e-book, the autoCAD users will be familiar with metric and imperial units to demonstrate the numerous drawing & editing tools ideal for all the 2D concepts. There is companion disc to organize drawing exercises and projects and get colorful presentation of the book’s figures. AutoCAD 2018 Beginning and Intermediate consists of more than 100 exercises or “mini-workshops supported with complete small projects ranging from concept to actual plotting. Explanation of all of the workshops will imitate the development of three projects (architectural and mechanical) from starting to end, applying all the fundamental commands and functions in AutoCAD 2018.

This book will provide huge benefits for the students who will appear for the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam.

The book is available in paperback version and will cost $59.95.

Go through the following link, to purchase the book

AutoCAD 2018 Beginning and Intermediate – An exclusive e-book by Munir Hamad

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Arka Roy


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