FARO Launches PointSense 17.5 For Revit And Cad Users

FARO just launches PointSense 17.5 that offer advanced new tools for pulling out and organizing building and plant features from point cloud data within Revit and AutoCAD.

PointSense 17.5 for AutoCAD contains various custom-built tools for eradicating various building components like walls, windows and doors. As soon as the building components are extracted, architects can use the alignment tools to significantly accelerate the method of conveying 2D plans from 3D point clouds.

PointSense 17.5 also facilitates the industrial facility designers to generate 3D plant models. Among the new features, one is a computerized cylinder extraction tool that minimizes the time as well as makes the process easy for 3D modeling of piping from point clouds.

PointSense 17.5 for Revit also accelerates the workflows with the use of a new toolset for pipe modeling and a new visualization tool that demonstrates only the appropriate parts of the scan project for the users which are useful for them.

By applying the new pipe modeling and visualization tools in PointSense for Revit and the advanced functionality for architects in PointSense for AutoCAD, customers will be able to notice a significant improvement in their workflow. “MEP engineers will be able to function directly within Revit, devoid of applying third party software tools for pipe documentation. The architects will be able to align their workflows quickly.

To get more updates on the new features of PointSense 17.5, go through the following link :- http://www.faro.com/AECsoftware17-5

FARO Launches PointSense 17.5 for Revit and Cad users
Image Courtesy: faro.com
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