How BIM is utilized in World’s largest Crossrail design project in Europe

This article shows how BIM (Building Information Modeling) was utilized in designing the Crossrail project that is considered as the biggest construction project in Europe.

Under this project, the enormous railway is planned to relieve jamming across London, with a high-frequency and high-volume railway spreading over 62 mi (100 km) of new tunnels from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east.

Bentley Systems undertakes the responsibility to implement BIM on this project and they declared that the common data environment (CDE) for the project has been officially transferred to the cloud.

The CDE is set up on a hybrid cloud-computing platform leveraged with Microsoft Azure and controlled by Bentley’s AssetWise software.

This will facilitate controlling the engineering and asset information associated with such a huge project and as well as permit project members to obtain a thorough and federated view of the railway in a digital environment.

With the use of BIM, project delivery and asset lifecycle information management process become superior and cost is reduced significantly.

BIM uses its own style of workflow that always maintains the exact speed for international project teams. All the informations are preserved in a CDE on a cloud-based platform which make sure that each person can avail this information in a realistic and trustworthy manner.

Link for download Domus.Cad

By transferring CDE to the cloud platform, it will be relatively beneficial in the future phases of 5D modeling for efficient facilities management.

The Crossrail railway project is expected to be completed in December 2018.

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