How to make perfect elevations with Revit

This is an exclusive Revit video tutorial for Revit users to learn how to make perfect elevations in Revit. In this regard, some useful tricks are given below :-

SILHOUETTES: Click on graphic display options and fix them at 0.5mm.

CAST SHADOWS: Very useful for displaying the geometry of your building.

FIX SHADOWS INTENSITY AT 15: Default shadows are very intense. Fix them at 15 in lighting menu.

DEPTH CUEING: This is an excellent feature in Revit 2017 that facilitate the users to fade elements on the basis of their distance. Turn it on and perform with the settings to obtain the exact fade.


It is recommended not to apply them as they do not support depth cueing and cannot be comprised in view template.


They are very dark in black and white and should be applied with colored views.


Apply black and white for construction documents. Consistent colors are ideal for demonstrating elevations. In this regard, ambient shadows can be utilized.

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Arka Roy


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