FARO launched PointSense, VirtuSurv v17.0 Plug-ins for BIM and CAD users

FARO Technologies, Inc. has launched PointSense and VirtuSurv 17.0. Both are laser scanning plug-ins for the Autodesk environment that facilitate smooth integration with the current Autodesk 2017 product line.

With both the PointSense and VirtuSurv 17.0 programs, BIM-CIM CAD designers can obtain extensive set of tools to simplify the process for converting enormous point cloud data sets into intelligent 3D models.

Customers can opt for software modules which are equivalent to their particular workflows. These plug-ins are accessible for both AutoCAD and Revit.

PointSense for Revit 17.0 now offers support for “work-sharing” projects, assisting all BIM-CIM stakeholders to instantaneously apply PointSense on a common Revit project file. Besides, an improved wall-fitting tool facilitates the users to pull out walls out of point clouds devoid of scanning both sides of the wall.

Accessibility: PointSense and VirtuSurv 17.0 are available for instant delivery and a limited-time promotional offer, when assembled with FARO’s top-notch BIM-CIM Laser Scanner, is available until June 24.

For more information visit faro-3d-software.com


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Arka Roy



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