GRAPHISOFT launched ArchiCAD 20 for improved BIM workflow

Archicad 20, the most updated mobile based version of GRAPHISOFT’s flagship software, is just launched.

ARCHICAD 20 contains the following advanced features :-

The users can preserve all suitable project information inside a BIM model together with data that wasn’t formed in CAD or BIM tools. By using “Mass property value import” functionality, the software can import and export Excel data semi-automatically. It minimizes the risk of human error while entering consultants’ data.

The software is also able to lessen the requirements of customary additional 2D CAD work through a graphical override that facilitates the users to modify the illustration of any 2D and 3D views for elements containing identical properties.

ARCHICAD 20 is also considered as one of the newest BIM applications that is compatible with IFC 4 open-source standard to offer new coordination workflows like Design Transfer View and Reference View. It also provides complete support for BIM Collaboration Format and DXF/DWG roundtrip conversion. Besides, it supports COBie (

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