How to use Revit MEP 2016 for Cold & Hot Water Installation Design concerning a plumbing system

This Revit video is an extract of practical video lessons and exercises concerning Revit Mep 2016. Revit MEP is ideal for installing HVAC, electrical and hydraulic system in a building. This Revit tutorial mainly highlights the Hydraulic, Sanitary and Gas installations.

With Revit MEP 2016, just position the equipment and related furniture and the software will automatically estimate the cold water, the hot water, the sanitary and gas installation together with connectors, elbows and fixtures concerning any project. Besides, Revit MEP can also be applied to work out the related diameters, supply and trajectories of the MEP system.

Revit MEP 2016 can also measure all the components in the installation, and generate the subsequent drawings for different types of projects whether they belong to small domestic installation to an apartment building or a whole sports center.

This Revit course mainly focuses on the following topics :-

• Creating the design for Hydraulicand Sanitary Installation of small domestic projects.

• Creating the design of Hydraulicand Sanitary Installation for medium size project like an apartments building.

• Creating the design for Gas installations.

• Authentication of Hydraulic, Sanitary and Gas installations.

• Design and formation of intelligent family objects toward hydraulic and sanitary installations together with, valves and special equipment.

• Quantification and Layouts.

• Inclusion of complete templates and library objects

• Free professional online assistance.


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