How to create family type catalogs in Revit

The youtuber RevitKid comes with a useful tutorial for Revit users. By going through this tutorial one can learn how to produce family type catalogs with Revit.

While generating large Revit families which consist of a number of types / variations (e.g. size) of the similar model, it is suggested to produce a ‘type catalog’ to go along with the family in your project. In brief, a type catalogue will decrease the amount of data to enter your model while importing a new component / family.

A type catalog records all of the types in a family, facilitating to select and load only the types required for the existing project that will minimize the file size of any project.

In order to make a type catalog, just generate an external text file (TXT) comprising the parameters and parameter values that make the diverse types in a particular family. Just assign this file in the similar location as the family file in order that while choosing to load the family, the type catalog is demonstrated.

The following points should be remembered :-

  • Generate type catalogs for families which have 6 or more types.
  • Parameter names are case sensitive.
  • For system parameters, the parameter inside the family should contain a value set earlier for the type to load the value out of the catalog perfectly.
  • In order to show inch marks in the type name, there should be 2 double quote symbols in the type catalog.


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