GRAITEC launched Ball Post Railing Designer add-on for Autodesk Advance Steel 2016

GRAITEC, the leading French BIM and CAD software vendor, just released the Ball Post Railing Designer add-on. It is a free downloadable extension for Autodesk Advance Steel 2016.

With this newly released add-on, the users can get rid of the laborious & monotonous process for designing generic components of BIM models.

By applying this add-on, the users will be able to generate ball post railing systems in their building information modeling (BIM) designs with the help of a manufacturer’s pre-built system or designing a custom system.

There are options with custom systems that involve various features of the following design process :-

  • Possibility for creating design with curved elements.
  • Revision of kickrails.
  • Post length and ball size definition.
  • Top and middle handrail modification.
  • Capability of denoting the number and distance of posts.

Increasing quick availability of BIM Elements: The Ball Post Railing Designer app saves significant times for users in their modeling process as well as enhance the productivity. It develops the scopes for generating pre-defined designs in BIM and facilitates the architects and engineers not to produce generic parts over and over again.

The Ball Post Railing Designer is specifically designed for steel detailing, construction and structural engineering.

To get more updates on the various features of Ball Post Railing Designer add-on for Advance Steel, visit the GRAITEC website (


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