How to apply Revit Software for generating exploded views of any 3d model

Go through the following exclusive Revit video tutorial which is a part of the “Preparing Views for Competition Boards in Revit” tutorial series presented by Digital-Tutors, a Pluralsight company.

In this Revit Video, Pierre Derenoncourt, a Digital-Tutors training pioneer, has briefly described how to generate a view that dissects a 3D model into a few vertical pieces to separate the model inside its main components.

Discussion Topics:-

  • Introduction and project overview.
  • Generating views for the slices of any 3D model.
  • Dissecting the 3D model.
  • Generating exploded views of any 3D model.
  • Generating a section perspective of our 3D model.
  • Generating a solar study of our site and 3D model.
  • Arranging floor plan and elevation views.

To get complete information on this Revit tutorial course, go through the following

Creating Exploded Views of a 3D Model in Revit
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