PointSense for Revit can create BIM models out of Point Clouds

It is an easy to use tool set for creating BIM models from point clouds inside revit.

FARO Technologies recently introduced a useful tool for Revit users. This tool is known as PointSense for Revit. PointSense contains a simplied toolset that can be used to generate BIM models out of point clouds data by converting point clouds to architectural BIM models within Revit. This toolset simplifies the process for making as-built to BIM.

PointSens offers the following features :-

  • Produce improved laser scan workflows directly within Revit for family wall extraction,
  • Wall angle modification and rectification,
  • Surface study and topo extraction,
  • Extraction of work planes/edges/corners out of point clouds,
  • Authentic 3D point cloud snapping,
  • Plane/edge recognition with a single click,
  • Ortho image formation and more,
  • Creation of new Revit family objects out of scan data and inclusion of common objects like doors, windows, modeling lines, construction points and basic topo surfaces.

The users can get multiple options for handling as-built data in the Family Editor.


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Arka Roy




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