EcoSys Updated project controls software – Will coming shortly…

As a frontrunner in enterprise project controls software system, EcoSys is devoted to staying at the forefront of technology that supports smarter business conclusion and higher project performance through visibility, easy use, method automation and integration.

EcoSys declared in their 5th Annual User Conference that they are working hard for introducing an exciting new EcoSys EPC solution to BIM professional. This Enterprise Planning and Controls (EPC) solution includes a new mobile apps framework, improved business intelligence analytics and 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration capabilities.

This declaration comes shortly after Hexagon subsidiary, Intergraph process, Power and Marine’s agreement to acquire EcoSys. Intergraph’s world leading enterprise engineering package combined with EcoSys’s best-in-class enterprise project controls package can supply current and future users even larger productivity and advance the companies’ giving to the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) and BIM markets to enhance project execution.

As the projects still growing in size and complexity, capital projects need rather more powerful data automation and analysis tools for success. This unveils new options for EcoSys EPC platform which can modify shoppers to extend visibility and productivity through new mobile apps and enlarged business intelligence capabilities.

New features, EcoSys EPC platform include, are below:

Mobile Apps – EcoSys are going to be release a set of latest, easy mobile apps that enable users to work seamlessly on-line and off-line. The apps tailor to support business processes that are perfect for the mobile platform. Consumers will simply submit text and photos to report an issue they’ll spot on a job-site, record updates, manage alternate approvals, capture field progress or review up-to-date project dashboards and reports. The apps can make project data available and editable offline once web connections are not accessible and keep data in synchronize once the mobile device reconnects to the internet later.

The easy and real time access to correct data on-the-go can improve collaboration across a corporation, increase productivity and implement better, more conversant conclusion making.

Improved Analytics and Business Intelligence – As the central enterprise project controls hub, EcoSys EPC is categorically positioned to support bigger portfolio and project intelligence through its strong information integration capabilities and real-time analytics which offer dynamic in-memory summarizations and interactive drilldowns. Nowadays EcoSys indicated its updated charting resolution that provides improved visuals through interactive charts with configurable axes and versatile click-through ability to watch connected project information. Over the course of the approaching year, further business intelligence and analytics feature are introduced.

Integration of 5D BIM – EcoSys declared plans to develop integrations with Intergraph 3D modelling solutions to power 5D BIM. EcoSys EPC could be a natural resolution to allow 5D BIM, because it adds project organizing integration (4D) and sturdy cost management capabilities (5D) with Intergraph PP&M’s 3D layout and construction solutions.

EcoSys EPC(Enterprise designing and Controls) is quick turning into the world package customary for the project controls business. A web-based platform, EPC provides the deepest capabilities to support the entire spectrum of solutions within the Project Controls discipline – from project portfolio management and capital program management, through budgeting, statement and performance broadcasting. EcoSys EPC bridges the gap that has historically existed between designing and managing project execution.

Some Benefits are mentioned below:

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Standardized Processes
  • Improved Financial Performance

EcoSys is a leader in project management best practices and is setting the global standard for project controls software. The name EcoSys refers to Enterprise Controls Systems and also refers to successfully navigating the EcoSystem of people, processes and technology that impact an organization. With a target on delivering best-in-class planning and controls solutions, EcoSys has settled a culture of responsiveness where close customer collaboration drives innovation.

EcoSys Updated project controls software – Will coming shortly...
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