Infra Works 360 Adds Traffic Simulation – Autodesk’s Updated Roadway Design Software

In order to make effective Roadway design, some vital factors should be taken into consideration. These factros range from geographic and economic restraints, compliance with geometric guidelines, safety and vehicle capability. Autodesk’s InfraWorks 360 deals with all these factors into a single 3D model.

The latest version of InfraWorks 360 contains various new features concerning road, rail and bridge design. There also exist additional features like improved sharing & collaboration which help designer better control over the design.

Simulation can be applied to both transportation planning and to transportation design and operations. The new update, traffic simulation completely changed the way of design. With the traffic simulation feature in Autodesk InfraWorks 360, the designers can get a superior ideas concerning the pros and cons of their design prior to deliver their design to the traffic engineer for final acceptance.

The InfraWorks 360 traffic simulator can help the designer to ascertain traffic makeup, flow and time of day (applicable for busy hour) as well as arrange turn lanes and intersections. It combines left- and right-handed roundabouts, staggered intersections and evident pavement turn signs. Visual indicators quickly demonstrate the over loaded roads which help the designer to make proper modifications instantly.

With superior model adaptability, the same model is submitted to various parties for acceptance. With improved rail design system, the users will be able to easily determine troughs at tunnel entrances, circular tunnels and viaducts, between other things. Numerous tracks are grouped and managed as a single unit, transforming the model more natural.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

InfraWorks 360 is preliminary design software which helps to improve the project outcomes. It helps to combine and connect data to create, view, analyze, share and manage information to make better decisions in the circumstances. The software quickly generates and evaluates multiple design alternatives using data-rich models that more accurately present your design within the as-built environment. InfraWorks 360 application helps the professionals to access advanced design, simulation and analysis potential for roadway, bridge, and drainage projects. It helps both designer and traffic engineer to approve the project with minimal changes on the design and handed it back.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

This release has other new features and improvements for design world.

Road Design: InfraWorks 360 helps highway engineering professionals create data-rich models and engineer roadways in context. Streamline roadway geometry layout, including intersection design, with powerful, rules-based toolsets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential impacts in the preliminary design phase.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

Bridge Design: Explore preliminary design options more effectively by creating data-rich models and visualizing realistic civil structures in the context of the surrounding proposed site. Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360 software helps simplify, accelerate, and focus the layout of girder bridge design concepts, and maintain consistent data and context.

Drainage Design: Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360 software helps civil engineers to accelerate roadway drainage design and analysis. Take advantage of the robust, data-rich model created in InfraWorks 360 software, built-in design standards, and cloud computing to automate processes, improve design accuracy, and better understand drainage impacts of road design in less time.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

Rail Design: Architect can now create their detailed rail design allowing greater flexibility in defining the various structures along a rail track. This is especially useful for troughs at tunnel entrances, circular tunnels, etc. Rail features can also now be grouped together in InfraWorks 360.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

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