The architects, engineers and builders can use Bondor’s BIM product library package to make conceptual design more powerful

Bondor, Australia’s leading provider in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels, just introduced their BIM (Building Information Modelling) product library package which can help the architects, engineers and builders to have superior design conceptualization through some insulated panel systems. More than that Bondor has unrivalled experience in design assistance and construction.

With the advent of BIM concent, the processes for specifying as well as modeling projects become simplified. In this regard Bondor’s BIM product library package will be very useful for specifiers to integrate these inventive panelling systems into their projects easily.

The builders can experience huge savings in terms of cost, ime and efficiency over their construction through these insulated panels. As for example, a single layer of insulated panel will substitute frames, support, extra linings and numerous layers of bulk insulation in several incidents.

The professional can avail Bondor’s product library through BIM to effortlessly incorporate a wide array of wall and roof panel systems into their design from the initial phase or replace Bondor materials into prevailing design. All the drawings & objects can be pulled out from Bondor’s comprehensive library and at the same time panel orientation, colour and profile can be adjusted to make each concept realistic as well as ensure the applicability of the each product to the project.

Bondor has tied up with some renowned 3d software development companies to develop this BIM product library. Bondor’s product range is compatible with bothArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit programs.

The users can access a brief tutorial on the program as well as both ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit library files from Bondor’s website(

Bondor introduces BIM product library package
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