Upgraded Allplan (2016) software for Business Information Modeling (BIM)

One of the world’s leading software developing and provider companies for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) is Nemetschek. They provided lots of useful software like Vectorworks, Graphisoft, Bluebeam etc. Their main product Allplan launched in 1984 and it is a CAD system for architects and engineers. Recently they launched Allplan 2016 which increases elasticity in 3D modelling and give user freedom and accuracy in creating volume and surface models.  The newest version guaranteed for trouble –free working experience.

The demo version of Software Allplan 2016 is available for 30 days trial period. You can download the software from the following link: http://www.allplan.com/en/services/cad-downloads/cad-download.html

Some of the features in this version are below:

  • By the use of new 3D kernel planning, quality gets improved.
  • Complete and clear display of all components of a virtual model with user friendly options. (The picture taken from Allplan’s website)
  • By the ambient occlusion and white model feature user can deactivate all materials and textures with one click, which create a white architecture model.
  • The new version support multi display option, which helps user to arrange design on more than one screens. (The given picture taken from Allplan’s website)
  • Allplan 2016 gives user a library that contains many useful objects such as trees, hedges and gates etc. Here user can select multiple object filtering and make working more flexible.
  • The measurement unit feet and inches have been added in the software.

In the field of architecture and construction BIM has taken a valuable part. In order to improve the BIM process, the new functionality should be integrated with the related software with more flexibility and user friendly interface or option for operating them. Allplan software professionals always try to update the software to keep it in a front row in the field of BIM.

Allplan 2016 is an exclusive BIM software
Image Source : allplan.com
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