Applied Software Introduced New Products for BIM Professional

Applied Software is one of the largest Autodesk resellers, founded in 1982, is a recognized technology systems integrator that serves the AEC and manufacturing organization. It provides planning and better solutions to help manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction organization in advancing their business procedures and work process.

In the Revit® Technology Conference North America 2015 (RTCNA, Autodesk Platinum Partner, Applied Software, has declared the inclusion of various new products to its wide range of software lists. These newly launched applications will help the organizations to get more benefits out of their business procedures and provide superior workflows for the construction of projects.

The new building solution allows program managers, architects and engineers to solve many underlying issues that have negative impact on collaboration, time and budget. The newly launched products at RTCNA Exhibitor Booth No. 36 are Revit Prolog RFI Integration, Viewpoint Sync and Windows Sync.

Revit Prolog RFI Integration is a unique feature of Revit. It graphically integrates RFIs (Request for Information) with the objects which are created with BIM (Business Information Modeling) program. This solution gives more effective approach to track issues by permitting them to make a persistent, direct link to objects in the building model (e.g., the area of an electrical outlet). Professional can now consequently operate to the building model, create or select an issue or problem, make inquiries and add data to a punch list. The software saves times through terminating the back and forth manual look ups available in RFIs. The feature is now available for all upgraded versions of Revit.

Viewpoint Sync is another inventive solution for marketplace which transfers uploaded documents to the library of BIM 360 field, a cloud based field administration work that incorporates a mobile app at the point of development with collaboration and reporting. This item reduces reiterations by synchronizing and storing documents via a single platform. Professionals are utilizing it to ensure that the upgraded versions of documents are available simultaneously to all the project team members who work co-actively. It also reduces the possibilities for potential mistakes and miscommunication. This is now available for Professional.

Windows Sync is a unique product which consequently selects documents for uploading to Windows Explorer and accommodating them with BIM 360 Field. On the other hand, Windows Sync facilitates the two-way transmitting of documents – from Windows Explorer to BIM 360 Field and contrariwise. It also works with other storage services like Dropbox to upload and adjust the to the BIM 360 Field library. It has the capability to work with FTP sites and network devices where Windows Explorer runs from backside. The solution is perfect for project managers to explore for a new idea to reduce redundancies, omissions and miscommunications amid the personnel associated with construction project. It is now available on market.

Applied Software Introduced New Products for BIM Professional


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