How to efficiently apply BIM Revit to create the models of Multi-Family Projects

XREFerencing in AutoCAD is used to develop sound workflows for creating design as well as generating construction documents for multi-family projects. X-ref denotes an ‘external reference’ to another AutoCAD drawing file. XREFerencing is a complicated process and vast knowledge is required to keep it in planned way.

Instead of XREFerencing, one can apply BIM Revit for creating models of multi-family projects. In this regard, LiveLabLearning presents an exclusive video that focuses on the following learning goals :-

  • How to optimize the functionality of Revit to model multi-family projects
  • How to efficiently arrange multi-family projects with Revit
  • Benefits of using groups and links
  • How nested families are used to characterize units
  • Concerns for your next multi-family project
  • MEP design for Multi-family

Go through the following video presentation to know the functionalities of the app.

BIM Revit to create the models of Multi-Family Projects
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