AEC firms can enjoy superior object based cad modeling with Renga Architecture from Ascon group

Ascon group has recently introduced its avant-grade 3D cad package alias Renga Architecture for AEC design. It is a solitary tool that integrates the ease of object-based Cad, 3D direct modeling and clarity of 2d drafting.

Renga Architecture is specifically designed for fixing diversified issues related with design and construction.

 With this newly launched software, the users will not be liable for outlying reference materials as well as nonexistent element configurations rather than the users will get the ability to produce new building designs devoid of encountering any difficulties.

 By applying Renga Architecture, the designers and architects can perform in an unconstrained 3D workspace as well as produce architectural projects instantly through various 3D design elements like slabs, walls, columns, windows, and roofs. With its in-built style editor and model explorer, Renga Architecture empowers the users to make design of the buildings by means of complicated architectural forms and resolve non-standard problems.

 Besides, generating realistic 3d models, Renga Architecture also creates data models of buildings by assigning information concerning cuts, facades, levels, and lots other.

 With the full-scale (1:1) 2D editor contained in Renga Architecture that works in drawing mode, the users can insert necessary graphics to drawing layouts by hand (lines and arcs, hatches and fills, elevation marks and sections, and dimensions). Drafting views are linked with the 3D model, and for any modification to the model, the geometry of the layouts is instantly updated.

Given below some striking features of Renga Architecture :-

  • It comes with an indistinct color spectrum, a well organized model disposition in 3D space, a flexible navigation system, and some useful commands categorized by function.
  • Realistic visualization with HBAO+ technology from NVIDIA Corp and horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion involving proper shading and refined shadow.
  • Imports & exports various industry recognized file formats.

The Renga Architecture is compatible with various formats like ifc for BIM data exchange, .dxf for CAD drawing exchange, .obj and .3ds for output to sophisticated rendering and animation software, .csv for output to data processing, .stl for 3D printer output.

The users can download a free 60-day trial version of Renga Architecture from their existing website

Ascon group has recently introduced its avant-grade 3D cad package alias Renga Architecture for AEC design.
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