Designers can produce 3d models and attain design-based BIM workflow with new training manuals launched by Nemetschek Vectorworks

Nemetschek Vectorworks launched two new guidebooks alias Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual, Seventh Edition and 3D Modeling in Vectorworks, Seventh Edition to simplify the use of Vectorworks® Architect 2015 software. The well-known trainer Jonathan Pickup performs as the author of these two exclusive guidebooks.

The guidebooks will facilitate the users as well as various 3D modeling and BIM professionals to be familiar with various professional training tools.

Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual will guide the users to integrate Vectorworks 2015’s tools inside a design-based BIM workflow as well as how workflow is improved with the new types of drawing. The readers can also gather knowledge on the fundamentals of the software interface.

Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual is segregated into three parts – read a section of text, watch a video and then accomplish an exercise.

The tutorial manual starts with the debut to the Vectorworks Architect platform and advances with the execution of a mock project of a residential client along with how to produce the contract documents. Besides, drawing with lines and arcs, the readers will learn to create drawings with objects as well as enhance workflows by making projects through BIM principles.

While drawing a door with Vectorworks software, the users can include information concerning the door to the existing model part, affix door hardware as well as indicate the supplier and cost of the door through a report.

The second updated tutorial, 3D Modeling in Vectorworks, is also divided in three sections. Section one teaches the readers how to apply the software’s tools for generating 3D models independently. Section two guides the users for making a freeform architectural project with the use of the technology. Section three demonstrates the workflow in action and lets the readers to know how to break up projects. There are also exercises inside the book on the new Deform tool useful for learning the twisting, tapering, building and bending modes.

The Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual and 3D Modeling in Vectorworks are an integral segment of Nemetschek Vectorworks’ self-learning training options. For getting more updates and purchase option, visit

One can access the Books when Jonathan signs copies of his books on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET in the Paris Foyer at the Sofitel Philadelphia Hotel. All registered attendees of the Vectorworks Design Summit will be eligible to participate in the program.

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Designers can produce 3d models and attain design-based BIM workflow


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