Tekla Structures 21 is very useful for industrial & commercial construction project workflows

Tekla, the leading developer of various model-based software products, has launched Tekla Structures 21, the newest version of its Building Information Modeling (BIM) software specifically designed toward the engineering and construction markets.

Tekla Structures 21 can be incorporated with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP, and SketchUp Pro for advanced collaboration.

Interoperability is increased to a great extent through integration with Intergraph Smart 3D to transmit model information efficiently. With the new bi-directional link with AVEVA PDM, advance level of detail can be obtained and exchanging of information as well as modifications can be managed in a superior way.

IFC change management and control become superior to identify, handle and implement modifications.

This latest software is best suited for industrial and commercial construction project workflows over various construction fields extending lots of advantages to structural steel and precast concrete designers, detailers and fabricators, concrete and general contractors, as well as improve co-operation amid Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and plant design engineers, architects and others.

In combination with Tekla Structures 21, Tekla is also going to introduce two new and exclusive services ranging from Tekla Model Sharing and Tekla Warehouse.

The new Tekla Structures 21 makes the productivity superior toward all structures and project types. The new version brings huge benefits to project managers, engineers, draughtsmen and detailers who deal with the various core engineering and production assignments consisting of design and analysis to documentation, detailing and manufacturing.

Tekla Structures 21 applies the power of BIM to significant part of designing, engineering and creating all types of buildings and structures.

Tekla Structures 21 can minimize the required time stuck between concept and construction with superior collaboration amid project team as well as productivity, allowing free flowing transmission connecting all project stakeholders. This can lead to well-organized design and formation of greater structures.

Tekla, the leading developer of various model-based software products
Image Courtesy: http://www.tekla.com


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