Extend the efficacy of BIM into your facility management with Torcon Facilities Solutions (TFS)

Torcon Facilities Solutions (TFS) is an exclusive program launched by Torcon, a regional construction services leader. TFS offers a smooth and continuous addition of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the facilities management programs of any client.

Making an alliance with ARCHIBUS, an internationally recognized software developer and industry expert in facility management and space planning solutions, TFS will provide professional consulting services for facility management professionals all through the lifecycle phase of a building and improve productivity and utility.

By applying TFS, Torcon will help in employing its BIM knowledge for post-construction and overall facility maintenance required by the clients. The clients will be able to have access an extensive database through BIM documentation, collected all through the construction process. This information can be incorporated into current facility maintenance operations.

“The last ten years have seen a revolution in the design world with the rapid implementation of BIM,” said Sam Arabia, CM-BIM, Torcon Facility Solutions. “BIMf® represents the next big frontier as too few companies are leveraging this rich data to drive operating efficiencies. BIMf® not only captures previously unrealized cost savings, but it will also allow for a more thorough understanding of the building’s history and needs.

Many companies, who acquire BIM information after the closing of the project, find it difficult to transfer the data to their facilities management systems. TFS will solve this problem easily.

Due to insufficient interoperability amid CAD, engineering and facility management software inside the property, construction and facility management industry as well as inefficiencies in operations and maintenance of the construction, huge cost is incurred.

TFS can significantly speed up exchanging and distributing information as well as efficiency through a turnkey program suggesting advanced technology and penetrating consulting advice.

For getting more updates on Torcon and TFS, please visit www.BIMf.com

Torcon Facilities Solutions (TFS) is an exclusive program launched by Torcon, a regional construction services leader.


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