An exclusive video tutorial on Title Block in Revit 2015

Revit contains a special family known as Title Block which is identical to standard families but there are some supplementary features specific to title blocks. As for example, the revision schedule is considered as the most noteworthy.

To start from the beginning, select new and select title block. From there, choose a template for the title block. Beyond the box, there will be some easy templates which are essentially outlines of the sheet at the preferred size.

As for instance, opt for A1 metric. You will be directed to a very basic title block involving 4 lines & making up the sketch of a metric sheet of 841mm wide x 594mm high.

If there is an obtainable CAD Title Block, it can be imported to Revit as well as save a lot of time while generating one from the beginning.

Go through the following exclusive revit video tutorial that focuses on title block stamp with Revit 2015.

Get more updates on Revit Title Block.


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Arka Roy



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