Some handy BIM/VDC-associated technologies which can make a sea change in AEC Firms

The workflows of AEC firms are improved to a great extent with the implementation of building information modeling & virtual design and construction. Several upgraded techniques emerge out to transform 3d co-ordination process to a superior level.

The followings are some handy BIM/VDC-associated technology trends which facilitate the building team to design, build as well as operate buildings efficiently in the future course of time.

3D laser scanning: Lots of softwares contain less expensive field scanning techniques which perform through BIM models having perfect field information for construction sites. A scan is performed through the strong laser recording of the building structure that gathers the shape and look of a site. These conditions are transformed into a cloud of data points which are imported into a BIM model.

On a solo project, 30 minutes of scan time in the jobsite and 30 minutes of post-processing and uploading the point cloud into a Revit model can lead to saving of $30,000.

Model energy performance on the fly: With the emergence of new software tools, energy analysis of a building is executed throughout the conceptual design stage. Autodesk and Sefaira have launched various applications facilitating designers to accomplish energy study of early concepts on the fly. These applications compact the time required for assembling and crunching energy performance data for a long period. It facilitates the design teams to adapt their designs on the fly on the basis of the data.

Prefabrication will transform building delivery: Several Building Teams are applying BIM methods to collude with general contractors and construction managers to prefabricate and set up building components which range from mechanical equipment, plumbing infrastructure, and even complete restroom pods.

BIM makes the prefabrication process easy and smooth as the design become constructible in the model to be prefabricated and installed.

Data management: Some leading software companies like Assemble Systems and Panzura have built up cloud-based devices to manage, preserve, and distribute project data in a sophisticated way.

Computer-aided manufacturing: With the arrival of prefabrication and manufacturing processes like Lean construction, it opens savings and process efficiencies, the AEC are compelled to comply much the identical way computer-aided manufacturing changed manufacturing. Various CAM technologies together with BIM processes can deliver ready-to-install modules.

Some handy BIM/VDC-associated technologies which can make a sea change in AEC Firms

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