How to find out the required time while completing a drawing in Autocad

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to know the time for completing a drawing in autocad (required by client for billing purpose) or evaluate your skill for completing the drawing with autocad in quickest possible time. All these are possible, if you use the ‘TIME’ command in autocad to find out the required time automatically while working on a drawing.

In order to apply the time command, provide time on the command section, the following records will be visible:-

  • Current time: It will display the present time along with the date
  • Created: The date and time for the creation of the drawing
  • Last updated: The time once the drawing was last saved
  • Total editing time: The accrued time incurred in drawing creation from session to session. AutoCAD does not take in plotting time or working time but quit devoid of saving your alterations
  • Elapsed timer: Also preserve time used in the drawing, but this can be activated or deactivated as well reorganized.
  • Next automatic save in: Notify you when your drawing will be saved automatically. You can set how frequently you save your drawing automatically. Just apply the OPTIONS command and display the Open and Save tab.
  • Next is the Enter option [Display/ON/OFF/Reset]: prompt. Following are the functionalities of these options:

ON and OFF: Turns the elapsed time on and off

Reset: Resets the elapsed time to zero

Display: Updates the listing by present times

So these options are useful to help you in finding out the required time for completing a drawing.

Other option: The Express Tools EDITTIME command (type it on the command line) detects active editing time. It will function in a better way as compared to time command to represent your actual work perfectly. For start tracking, it should be activated. You can reset the time and apply the timeout option to postpone counting after a specific time of inactivity.

How to find out the required time while completing a drawing in Autocad

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