3d Model LCD Render in AutoCad

This is an excellent video which is prepared by Gurmeet Geet on his project of 3D LCD in AutoCAD. This video will help to learn how to render in Auto cad. Gurmeet has started a channel in You Tube.

Try this flow chart:-

  • To alter the LCD accordingly, the users have to click the global button Autocad software.
  • The highlight has to change or alter as per requirement.
  • Then glossiness has to be changed or highlighted.
  • Then the users must go to the Autodesk library.
  • The next step is to select the floor.
  • Then the user needs to go the material editor.
  • The appearance and information has to be selected.
  • Next step is to take it into the LCD screen.
  • Next is to reach to the library to fade the shade.
  • Go to the render region and then select the size.
  • Then Icd (Ratio 1:2) Paste and render.


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Arka Roy




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