How to Bring Your Revit Models into 3ds Max

This student workbook contains a set of exercises that clarify in a practical way the concepts behind rendering an architectural model in 3ds Max.

The exercises cover the basic workflow of transferring architectural designs from Revit Architecture into 3ds Max with the goal of adding organic modeling, animating and rendering the project. For more training information, see the official 3ds Max training manuals and the tutorials available from the help menu. This workbook explains the different functionalities through various exercises, but the emphasis is on the workflow rather than on the tools themselves.

The difficulty of the exercises increases as you proceed through the units, so it is recommended that you do them in sequence. Most units are independent and can be done starting with the provided files. Files with the completed exercises are included in the data set folder and can be used to check your work.

The workbook is structured in a three-column format:

  • The first column contains an explanation of all steps necessary to complete an exercise.
  • The middle column contains the images that clarify visually the tasks to accomplish.
  • The third column contains notes on the features and tools that are being used and a few helpful tips.


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Arka Roy


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